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Swimline Turtle Egg Swimming Pool Dive Game

Swimline Turtle Egg Swimming Pool Dive Game

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Make pool time even more enjoyable and adventurous with the Swimline SW9177 Turtle Egg Swimming Pool Dive Game. This fun and engaging pool game is perfect for kids and families who want to add an element of excitement and skill to their swimming experience.

Turtle Egg Dive Game: The SW9177 transforms your pool into an underwater treasure hunt. The set includes a collection of weighted, egg-shaped dive toys featuring adorable turtle designs. These turtle eggs sink to the pool bottom, creating an exciting underwater challenge.

Interactive and Educational: This dive game encourages children to develop their swimming and diving skills. As they dive to retrieve the turtle eggs, they enhance their underwater agility, breath control, and coordination. It's a fantastic way to combine fun and learning in the pool.

Durable and Safe: The turtle eggs are made from high-quality, non-toxic materials that are safe for kids to handle and play with. They're built to withstand the rigors of pool use, ensuring long-lasting fun and entertainment.

Bright Colors: The turtle eggs come in various vibrant colors, making them easy to spot and retrieve at the bottom of the pool. Their eye-catching design adds to the overall excitement of the game.

Perfect for Pool Parties: Whether it's a family gathering or a pool party with friends, the SW9177 Turtle Egg Dive Game is an excellent addition to your poolside activities. It keeps kids engaged and entertained for hours, creating memorable poolside moments.

Compact and Portable: The compact size of the turtle eggs makes them easy to store and transport. You can take them with you to different pools or on vacation, ensuring the fun never ends.

Multiple Gameplay Variations: There are various ways to play with the turtle eggs, whether it's a simple diving competition or an imaginative underwater treasure hunt. The possibilities are endless, allowing for creative and ever-changing gameplay.

The Swimline SW9177 Turtle Egg Swimming Pool Dive Game is more than just a pool toy; it's a gateway to endless poolside excitement and skill-building for children. By combining interactive play with an element of challenge, this dive game provides hours of enjoyment while enhancing swimming and diving abilities.

If you're looking for a way to keep kids entertained, active, and learning while in the pool, the SW9177 Turtle Egg Dive Game is a must-have. It transforms your pool into an underwater adventure, offering endless opportunities for exploration and fun. Dive into the world of poolside excitement with this entertaining and educational swimming pool game.


Number of Pieces: 6
Dimensions (Overall): 2.5 inches (H) x 1.75 inches (W) x 1.75 inches (D)
Weight: .5 pounds
Suggested Age: 3-9 Years
Assembly Details: No Assembly Required
Material: Plastic
TCIN: 76405373
UPC: 715833111914
Origin: made in the USA or imported

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