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Raypak P-R106A-AP-C Gas Pool Heater 105K BTU 120V - 014781

Raypak P-R106A-AP-C Gas Pool Heater 105K BTU 120V - 014781

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The Raypak PR106AAPC Gas Heater 105K BTU 120V - 014781 is a high-performance and reliable heating solution designed to provide exceptional warmth to swimming pools and spas. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology and energy-efficient operation, this gas heater promises to enhance your aquatic experience while maintaining comfortable water temperatures throughout the year.

Key Features:

Powerful Heating Capacity:

The Raypak P-R106A-AP-C boasts an impressive heating capacity of 105,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units), making it suitable for medium to large-sized pools and spas. This robust output ensures quick and efficient heating, allowing you to enjoy your aquatic activities regardless of the outside temperature.

Gas-Powered Efficiency:

Utilizing natural gas or propane as its energy source, this gas heater offers a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution to heat your pool. Its intelligent design optimizes fuel consumption, resulting in reduced energy costs while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

Compact and Space-Saving:

The heater's compact footprint allows for easy integration into existing pool systems or limited space areas. Its sleek and durable construction ensures both longevity and ease of installation, making it a convenient choice for pool owners seeking a hassle-free upgrade.

Digital Controls:

The Raypak P-R106A-AP-C Gas Heater comes equipped with user-friendly digital controls. The intuitive interface allows you to adjust temperature settings, monitor system performance, and access diagnostics easily. The convenience of these controls ensures effortless operation and maintenance.

Cupro-Nickel Heat Exchanger:

The heater features a premium-grade cupro-nickel heat exchanger, ensuring excellent heat transfer and enhanced resistance to corrosion and pool chemical imbalances. This extends the overall lifespan of the heater and reduces the need for frequent maintenance.

Low NOx Emissions:

The Raypak P-R106A-AP-C is engineered to produce low NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) emissions, promoting cleaner air and demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility. Its eco-friendly design makes it compliant with stringent emission standards in various regions.

Robust Safety Features:

The gas heater prioritizes safety with an array of built-in features, including a high-limit switch, water pressure switch, and flame sensor. These safeguards protect the unit from potential malfunctions and ensure worry-free operation.

The Raypak P-R106A-AP-C Gas Heater 105K BTU 120V - 014781 stands as a top-tier gas heating solution for pools and spas, combining powerful performance, energy efficiency, and user-friendly controls. Its durable construction and eco-conscious design make it a reliable and responsible choice for pool owners seeking to maintain their water at an ideal temperature for endless aquatic enjoyment.



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