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Raypak P-R106A-AN-C Gas Pool Heater 105K BTU 120V - 014779

Raypak P-R106A-AN-C Gas Pool Heater 105K BTU 120V - 014779

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The Raypak P-R106A-AN-C Gas Heater 105K BTU 120V - 014779 is a premium-grade pool heater designed to provide efficient and reliable heating for residential and commercial swimming pools. Renowned for its robust performance, innovative features, and user-friendly operation, this gas heater offers an exceptional solution for maintaining comfortable water temperatures year-round, ensuring an enjoyable swimming experience for all.

Key Features:

High Heating Capacity:

Boasting a formidable heating capacity of 105,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units), the Raypak P-R106A-AN-C is well-equipped to heat medium to large-sized pools swiftly and efficiently. Its powerful output ensures a rapid increase in water temperature, allowing you to extend your pool season and enjoy comfortable swimming in cooler weather.

Gas-Powered Efficiency:

This gas heater relies on natural gas or propane as its energy source, providing an energy-efficient heating solution that reduces operational costs compared to electric heaters. By harnessing gas power, the P-R106A-AN-C optimizes fuel consumption, contributing to a greener and more sustainable pool heating system. Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, this pool heater is built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation and exposure to pool chemicals and harsh weather conditions. Its sturdy construction ensures longevity, minimizing the need for frequent repairs and replacements.

Digital Display and Controls:

The Raypak P-R106A-AN-C features an intuitive digital display and control panel, allowing for easy adjustments to temperature settings and operational parameters. The clear interface enables straightforward programming and monitoring of the heater's performance, enhancing user convenience.

Cupro-Nickel Heat Exchanger:

Equipped with a premium cupro-nickel heat exchanger, the P-R106A-AN-C offers superior heat transfer efficiency and exceptional resistance to corrosion and chemical imbalances in the pool water. This heat exchanger ensures long-term durability and consistent heating performance.

Low NOx Emissions:

Committed to environmental responsibility, the Raypak P-R106A-AN-C is engineered to produce low NOx emissions, contributing to cleaner air and compliance with stringent emission standards. This eco-friendly design aligns with modern environmental regulations.

Safety Features:

Safety is paramount with the P-R106A-AN-C. The heater incorporates a range of built-in safety features, including a high-limit switch, pressure switch, and temperature sensor. These protective mechanisms ensure the heater operates safely and efficiently, minimizing the risk of malfunctions.

The Raypak P-R106A-AN-C Gas Heater 105K BTU 120V - 014779 is a top-tier pool heating solution that combines powerful performance, energy efficiency, and user-friendly controls. With its ability to heat medium to large-sized pools rapidly and its durable construction, this gas heater ensures a long-lasting and dependable solution for maintaining comfortable water temperatures throughout the pool season. Pool owners seeking a reliable, efficient, and environmentally-conscious heating option will find the P-R106A-AN-C to be an excellent investment for their aquatic enjoyment.



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