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Hayward Pro Series Top Mount Sand 16" Tank In Ground Pool Filter, W3S166T

Hayward Pro Series Top Mount Sand 16" Tank In Ground Pool Filter, W3S166T

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The Hayward ProSeries® 16" Top-Mount Pool Filter, featuring the W3S166T model with an integrated valve, is a testament to Hayward's legacy of excellence in pool equipment. This high-capacity sand filter system offers optimal filtration for your swimming pool, ensuring pristine water quality and a trouble-free pool season. Here's why the Hayward ProSeries® W3S166T is the go-to choice for discerning pool owners:

High-Performance Filtration: The 16-inch top-mount design of this filter system offers an impressive filtration capacity. With a generous amount of filter sand, it efficiently captures and removes debris, dirt, and contaminants from your pool water. This results in water that is not only visibly clearer but also healthier and safer for swimmers.

Durable and Reliable Construction: Hayward is renowned for its durable and long-lasting pool equipment, and the ProSeries® W3S166T is no exception. Crafted from high-quality materials, this filter is built to withstand the harsh pool environment, including exposure to chlorine, sunlight, and fluctuating water pressures. Its corrosion-resistant tank and sturdy construction ensure years of dependable service.

Top-Mount Multiport Valve: The ProSeries® W3S166T comes with an integrated top-mount multiport valve, which streamlines filter operation. This valve offers multiple functions, including filtration, backwashing, rinsing, and more. Its user-friendly design ensures easy switching between modes, making pool maintenance a hassle-free experience.

Even Water Distribution: The unique top-mount design of this filter, combined with the integral diffuser, promotes even water distribution across the entire sand bed. This prevents channeling or clogging, which can occur in less-efficient filtration systems, guaranteeing consistent filtration performance.

Large-Capacity Tank: The spacious tank accommodates a substantial volume of filter sand, reducing the frequency of backwashing and maintenance. This not only saves you time but also conserves water, making the system eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Versatile Sizing and Compatibility: The 16-inch top-mount Hayward ProSeries® filter is suitable for a range of pool sizes, from smaller residential pools to larger commercial applications. Its versatility and compatibility with various pool pumps make it a versatile choice for pool owners with differing needs.

The Hayward ProSeries® 16" Top-Mount Pool Filter with Valve (W3S166T) is a pinnacle of efficiency, reliability, and convenience in pool filtration. With Hayward's reputation for quality and durability, this filter system ensures that your pool water remains crystal clear and free from impurities, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and enhancing your swimming experience. Its high filtration capacity, top-mount valve, and versatile sizing make it a top choice for pool owners seeking long-lasting performance and unparalleled water quality. Choose the Hayward ProSeries® W3S166T for a pool filter that sets the standard for excellence.



Product Height (in.) 33 in Product Width (in.) 16.5 in


Features No Additional Features Filtration Area (sq. ft) 1.40
Included No Additional Items Included Outdoor Living Product Type Pool Filters
Pack Size 1 Pool Gallons (approx) 15000
Pool Type Above Ground Product Weight (lb.) 25
Returnable 90-Day Sand Capacity (lbs) 100

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year Parts Warranty

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