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Hayward ColorLogic 4.0 Spa Light Plastic Face Rim, LED 120V 100' Cord, W3SP0535LED100

Hayward ColorLogic 4.0 Spa Light Plastic Face Rim, LED 120V 100' Cord, W3SP0535LED100

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The Hayward ColorLogic® 4.0 LED Spa Light, featuring a 120V power supply and an impressive 100-foot cord, is an advanced and versatile lighting solution designed to transform your spa or pool into a captivating and visually stunning aquatic oasis. Hayward, a trusted leader in pool and spa equipment, is known for its commitment to innovation, and the ColorLogic® 4.0 LED Spa Light, with model number W3SP0535LED100, is a prime example of their dedication to enhancing the pool and spa experience.

Vibrant Color Options: The ColorLogic® 4.0 LED Spa Light provides an extensive array of vibrant colors to choose from, enabling you to customize and create captivating underwater lighting displays. With 10 fixed colors and 7 color-changing shows, you can set the mood to match any occasion or simply enjoy a visually stunning aquatic environment.

Dazzling Illumination: This LED spa light is engineered to deliver brilliant and evenly distributed lighting, ensuring that every corner of your pool or spa is bathed in captivating light. The advanced LED technology produces intense, captivating colors and crisp white lighting, enhancing the overall ambiance.

120V Power Supply: With a 120V power supply, this spa light offers a powerful and efficient lighting solution that is easy to install and compatible with most standard electrical setups.

Long Cord Length: The included 100-foot cord provides exceptional flexibility when it comes to installation. This generous cord length ensures that you can position the light precisely where you want it, whether in a spa, pool, or other aquatic feature.

Energy-Efficient LED Technology: LED lighting is energy-efficient, consuming significantly less electricity compared to traditional lighting methods. The ColorLogic® 4.0 LED Spa Light is designed to save energy and reduce operating costs while providing stunning illumination.

Simple Control: The light can be easily controlled via a compatible automation system or a separate controller, allowing you to effortlessly adjust colors and lighting effects to create the perfect atmosphere.

Durable Construction: Hayward places a strong emphasis on durability and longevity. The ColorLogic® 4.0 LED Spa Light is built with high-quality materials to withstand the demanding pool and spa environment, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Enhanced Safety: LED technology produces less heat, reducing the risk of burns and ensuring safer operation. Additionally, the light is designed to meet industry safety standards for pool and spa lighting.

The Hayward ColorLogic® 4.0 LED Spa Light with model number W3SP0535LED100 is a top-tier lighting solution that brings a captivating and colorful underwater experience to your pool or spa. With a wide array of color options, efficient LED technology, and a long cord for flexible installation, this light allows you to set the perfect mood for any occasion. Hayward's dedication to quality and innovation is evident in this lighting solution, providing a mesmerizing and energy-efficient way to enhance your aquatic environment.


Cord/Hose Length: 100 ft
Voltage: 120V
Color: Color-Changing
Pool Type: Spa/Hot Tub
Product Type: Spa Light
Eco-Friendly: Yes
Face Ring: Plastic
Lighting Subtype: LED Light
Manufacturer: Hayward

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