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GLI 12' Round Estate Above Ground Mesh Pool Cover with 3 Overlap, 45-0012RD-ESM-3-BX

GLI 12' Round Estate Above Ground Mesh Pool Cover with 3 Overlap, 45-0012RD-ESM-3-BX

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Presenting a smart solution for winter pool care, the GLI 12-Feet Round Above Ground Mesh Swimming Pool Cover is designed to provide effective protection while allowing for efficient water drainage. Tailored for round above-ground pools, this mesh cover offers a balanced blend of security and convenience. By guarding your pool from debris while facilitating water passage, this cover ensures a hassle-free transition to pool enjoyment when the warmer seasons return. Dive into the key attributes that make this mesh cover an ideal choice for winterizing your round pool.

Efficient Mesh Shield: Designed to prevent debris from entering the pool, the GLI Round Mesh Pool Cover is crafted with mesh material that allows rainwater to drain through. This minimizes the accumulation of water on the cover, reducing potential stress on the pool structure.
Round Pool Compatibility: Tailored exclusively for round above-ground pools, this cover provides a snug fit over the pool's circumference. The user-friendly design simplifies installation, ensuring a secure attachment to endure winter winds.
Sturdy Construction: Crafted from durable materials, this mesh cover is built to withstand extended exposure to winter elements. Its robust construction ensures longevity over multiple winter seasons.
Efficient Debris Management: The mesh material effectively prevents leaves, debris, and other contaminants from entering the pool, reducing the need for intensive cleaning during the winter months.
Reduced Water Accumulation: The mesh design allows rainwater to drain through, preventing excessive water accumulation on the cover. This reduces the potential strain on the pool structure and cover itself.
Simple Winter Maintenance: By entrusting your pool's protection to the GLI Round Mesh Pool Cover, you streamline your winter pool maintenance routine. This ensures a swift return to a clear pool environment as the temperatures rise.
Secure Attachment and Longevity: Equipped with reliable fastening hardware, the cover ensures a secure connection. Reinforced edges and corners contribute to its durability, maintaining its protective strength over successive winter seasons.

The GLI 12-Feet Round Above Ground Mesh Swimming Pool Cover provides an effective and efficient approach to winter pool protection. With its mesh construction, secure fit, and debris management capabilities, this cover is a valuable choice for round above-ground pool owners. Offering straightforward installation and enduring performance, it offers peace of mind throughout the winter months, preserving your pool investment and simplifying the transition back to pool enjoyment when spring arrives.


  • Great for wide top rail pools
  • Perimeter Binding
  • 8 Year Warranty, 1 year Full
  • UV coated to resist sun damage
  • Includes coated cable & winch

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