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Panama Jack

Panama Jack Bali Teak Collection Square Table 40 x 40 x 29.5 | PJO-3601-NAT-SQ

Panama Jack Bali Teak Collection Square Table 40 x 40 x 29.5 | PJO-3601-NAT-SQ

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The Panama Jack Bali Teak Collection Square Table is a true testament to the beauty of nature and timeless craftsmanship. Skillfully designed with premium-grade teak wood, this square table adds a touch of natural elegance and durability to your outdoor dining area. It seamlessly blends traditional charm with contemporary style, making it a perfect addition to any patio, deck, or garden space.

Design and Construction: The Bali Teak Collection Square Table features a classic and refined design that effortlessly complements various outdoor aesthetics. This dining table is expertly crafted with premium-quality teak wood, celebrated for its exceptional strength, weather-resistance, and captivating grain patterns. The natural finish (indicated by "NAT" in the product name) highlights the teak wood's rich hues and adds a touch of organic charm to the table's appearance.

Teak Wood Beauty: Teak wood is highly sought-after for outdoor furniture due to its natural resistance to decay and insects, making it an ideal choice for enduring various weather conditions. The wood's stunning color variations and unique grain patterns create an air of sophistication and elegance, enhancing the overall appeal of your outdoor space.

Spacious Dining Area: With its square dimensions of 40" x 40" x 29.5", the table provides ample space for dining and entertaining. The spacious surface allows for comfortable seating and abundant room for food and drinks, making it perfect for hosting gatherings and creating memorable dining experiences.

Versatility and Durability: The Bali Teak Collection Square Table is designed with versatility and durability in mind. Its timeless design blends seamlessly with various outdoor décor styles, while the teak wood ensures the table's resilience to weather elements. Teak wood's natural oils help it withstand decay and termites, making it a long-lasting investment for your outdoor dining needs.

Easy Maintenance: Teak wood requires minimal maintenance to retain its beauty over time. While it develops a lovely silver-grey patina when exposed to the elements, periodic teak oil application can help preserve the original golden-brown color. The table's easy-care properties make it an excellent choice for outdoor furniture that requires minimal upkeep.

The Panama Jack Bali Teak Collection Square Table 40 x 40 x 29.5 (PJO-3601-NAT-SQ) embodies the natural allure and enduring elegance of teak wood in your outdoor sanctuary. With its classic design, durable construction, and ample space for dining, this square table creates a welcoming and chic environment to enjoy delicious meals with family and friends. Embrace the beauty of outdoor living with this exquisite table, and create cherished memories of dining al fresco amidst the natural beauty of your outdoor space. The Bali Teak Collection promises to be the centerpiece of timeless elegance and outdoor dining excellence in your outdoor retreat, inviting you to savor the joy of dining in style and comfort with your loved ones.


  • UV and Weather Resistant
  • Grade A Teak construction
  • Modern Style Design
  • Contract Quality
  • Comfortable Design
  • Sunbrella fabric options
  • Set Includes: (1) Square table and (4) Arm chairs


  • 21"L x 24.5"W x 28.35"H I Table:- 40"L x 40"W x 29.5"H

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