Swimming Pool Area Decorating Ideas For Every Style

Swimming Pool Area Decorating Ideas For Every Style

Your pool is the crown jewel of your backyard oasis — but that concrete slab surrounding it? Let's say it doesn't exactly spark joy. Don't let wasted poolside potential sink summer fun. 

With a few clever swimming pool area decorating ideas, your pool and patio space will be the envy of the neighborhood (or at least the block)—even if you're on a budget. 

Whether you're rocking a sprawling backyard and patio oasis or a charming above-ground setup, this guide will show you how to create a poolside haven perfect for chilling with friends, firing up the grill, or simply soaking up the sun.

What To Put Around Pool Area

modern pool area decor ideas


Let's start with the basics.

The vibe you want to create will dictate everything from furniture choices to decorative accents. 

Here's a rundown of some popular pool area styles to get those ideas flowing:

Modern Pool Area Ideas: Clean lines, geometric shapes, and a neutral color palette define this look. Picture sleek lounge furniture, concrete accents, and strategically placed statement lighting for a contemporary pool and patio setup. Think 'poolside art gallery' over 'splash zone.'

coastal pool area decor ideas

Coastal Pool Area Ideas: Channel beachy vibes with natural wood tones, light fabrics, and touches of blue and green for the perfect above-ground pool area idea or any poolside space. Think driftwood accents, fun hanging chairs, or an oversized outdoor daybed, like the Panama Jack Daybed below.  

daybed for coastal decor pool theme

Tropical Pool Area at Home: Who needs to go on a tropical vacation when your backyard feels like a resort? This style is for you if you dream of lush greenery and exotic blooms. Think oversized potted plants, bamboo furniture, pops of vibrant color, and a tiki torch or two for a festive touch.

luxury pool and patio design

Bohemian Backyard Pool Area Ideas: If you love patterns, textures, and colorful pool seating area ideas, this is your moment. Think woven furniture, plush cushions, layered rugs, and a touch of macrame. It's relaxed, eclectic, and perfect for summer lounging.

zen pool lantern and water feature

 Zen Garden Pool Area Ideas: Sometimes, you need to escape the chaos of life, even if it's just in your backyard. Turn your pool area into a mini Zen retreat with a rock garden (raking it is relaxing, trust us), a little fountain for those soothing water bowl sounds, and some bamboo for a natural privacy screen. 

Opt for low, minimalist poolside seating. This vibe is all about grays, greens, and natural vibes.  Bonus points for a comfy hammock... close your eyes and imagine you're in Bali.

outdoor living room inspired decor ideas


Outdoor Living Room Inspired Pool Area Ideas: Picture this: You're chilling by the pool, drink in hand, but you miss the creature comforts of your couch. Problem solved! 

Create an outdoor living room right next to your pool. We're talking about comfy sofas and chairs that can handle a few splashes, maybe a coffee table for snacks, and a rug to add style. A few extra pillows and blankets? Even better. If you're feeling really fancy, go for an outdoor TV to catch up on your favorite shows while floating around.

pool area bar ideas

Pool Bar Area Ideas: Listen, pools and summer cocktails (or mocktails!) were made for each other. Upgrade your pool hangs with a dedicated bar setup! We're not talking about a full-blown tiki hut (unless that's your jam), but a few bar stools, a countertop for prepping those margaritas, and a stocked cooler are a must. If you've got space, splurge on a mini-fridge for maximum convenience. Warning: Your friends may never leave.

Mediterranean Pool Area Ideas:  Dreaming of sun-drenched Greek islands but stuck in suburbia? Create your own little Mediterranean paradise right by your pool! Picture those orange terracotta pots overflowing with flowers, wrought iron outdoor furniture that doesn't mind a splash of water, and maybe some colorful tiles for a little extra flair. Go for a warm color palette – think olive green, burnt orange, and deep blue. A few lemon or olive trees in huge pots would complete the look.

pool furniture ideas for patio

Pool Patio Furniture Ideas

pool area seating sectional with anchor pillows for coastal theme

You know those plastic loungers we all grew up with? The ones that left weird grid marks on your skin and were never quite the right angle for relaxing? Let's ditch those in favor of upgraded pool area furniture ideas.

Think stackable chaise lounges with thick cushions for serious sunbathing – the kind where you could drift off for an accidental summer nap. If gatherings are your thing, check out cozy conversation sets with plush outdoor armchairs and a table for drinks and snacks. 

Is playful relaxation your vibe? A hanging swing chair adds a dose of fun and is surprisingly comfortable for chilling with a drink and a good book!

Your pool furniture needs to withstand the elements (sun, water, the occasional cannonball splash!) while still inviting you to kick back in style. Luckily, there are tons of options to balance comfort with durability. Look for weather-resistant materials like teak, powder-coated metal, fade-resistant fabrics, or durable resin wicker.

Even the best materials require some care. Be honest about how much upkeep you're willing to do. Some woods might need oiling, fabrics may need to be stored over winter, etc. Pro tip: Check the care instructions before you buy to avoid maintenance issues. 

Before you fall in love with that giant outdoor sectional online, get realistic about your space. Measure how much room you have to determine what size pieces will comfortably fit. A crowded pool deck is worse than no furniture at all!

Small Patio Furniture Ideas

small pool area decor: swing chair by pool

For those of us with small pool area ideas, worry not! You still have a lot of pool area decorating ideas to choose from. Here's how to make the most of every square foot:

Think Vertical: Walls and fences are your untapped potential! Use them to your advantage with hanging planters (hello, cute succulents!), tiered shelves for small decorative items, and a wall-mounted fountain for a little ambiance. If you're feeling adventurous, a hanging chair saves floor space and looks cool to boot.

Multi-Tasking Furniture: It's all about pieces that work double duty. Storage ottomans that become tables with a tray on top or benches with flip-up lids that reveal hidden compartments for stashing towels are examples. Get creative—the more functions, the better!

Use Illusion to your Advantage: Light colors and reflective surfaces help small spaces feel bigger. Consider pale-colored furniture cushions, a strategically placed mirror to bounce light around, or stick with smaller-scale furniture that won't visually overwhelm the area. For example, a three-piece lounge set with cushions is a great option to make small outdoor spaces feel grand without taking up precious space. 

Bonus Tip: If your pool is smaller, stick to the perimeter! A ring of stylish (but narrow) decking still gives you space for loungers or a table without making the pool appear tiny.

small pool area decor ideas

Finishing Touches for the Ultimate Aqua Terra Pool Space 

You've got the basics down, but let's put a bow on your space with outdoor accessories. Here are popular options that add both function and style to your poolside setup:

Fire Pits for Cozy Gatherings: Imagine those summer nights stretching out just a little longer with the warm glow of a fire pit. Whether you DIY a classic stone setup or opt for a sleek, portable gas model, a fire pit creates a cozy gathering spot for friends and family. Bonus points if you have a dedicated s'mores roasting station nearby! Just position your firepit in a safe zone with plenty of clearance from the pool splash zone. 

Outdoor Speakers for Your Favorite Tunes:  A pool day isn't complete without a killer soundtrack. Invest in weatherproof outdoor speakers to pump up those summer anthems, set the mood with some chill background music, or even turn your pool area into an outdoor karaoke hotspot.

Our pick is the JBL Professional GSF3-T. It is a high-performance coaxial ground-stake landscape loudspeaker that seamlessly blends while providing immersive audio.

Creative Pool Area Lighting: Don't let the party end when the sun goes down! String lights add instant charm on a tight budget, solar lights safely illuminate pathways, and spotlights can highlight gorgeous trees or water features.  And for a playful touch, consider some fun floating pool lights to set the mood for those late-night swims.

Outdoor Tech Setup: If you're a tech lover, you're in luck. Setting up outdoor entertainment has never been easier. A weatherproof outdoor TV lets you catch your favorite shows even while floating on a raft, while an automated water fountain (controlled by your phone, of course!) adds a touch of high-tech outdoor luxury. Check out our Smart Outdoor Living Guide for more modern pool area ideas. 

Swimming Pool Area Decorating Ideas For Every Style 

Your pool area should be an extension of your personality, whether that's sleek and sophisticated or fun and quirky. Don't let that boring concrete slab remain centerstage. 

Aqua Terra Backyard's curated poolside decor, furniture, and accessories collection means you don't have to scour the internet to find the best pool area decor. 

We have everything you need to create an oasis you'll never want to leave on one website with a price match guarantee. Sign up for our newsletter and take 5% off your first purchase –  it's our way of saying, "Welcome to the ultimate poolside chill club"!

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