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Smart Outdoor Living: The Best Backyard Tech of 2024

In 2024, the line between indoor luxury and smart outdoor living is not just blurred — it's erased. 

One of the biggest trends we’re seeing in backyard and patio design is the seamless integration of technology into traditional outdoor setups. Functionality and convenience are the name of the game — but it doesn’t stop there. 

Imagine controlling ambient lighting, streaming audio through outdoor Bluetooth speakers, or enjoying a movie night under the stars, all with a few taps on your smartphone. This is the essence of backyard tech—making every moment outside as comfortable and enjoyable as those spent inside.

From entertainment systems that rival any living room setup to eco-smart security that guards your peace of mind under the open sky, let’s dive into the latest tech that is transforming pool and patio spaces into the ultimate destinations for relaxation, entertainment, and sustainable living.

Outdoor Speakers 

Ground-Stake Landscape Loudspeaker

Top-notch outdoor speakers effortlessly blend high-quality sound with durable design, perfect for any backyard or patio scenario. 

Tackling yard work, chilling by the pool, or dining alfresco, these speakers are built to withstand splashes and the occasional downpour. 

High-fidelity outdoor speakers, discreetly integrated into the landscape, provide an immersive audio experience that can follow you from the patio to the poolside, all without disturbing the aesthetic or ecological balance of your garden.

When choosing the perfect outdoor speaker for your backyard or patio, here are a couple of tips to ensure a harmonious blend of sound quality and durability.

Firstly, consider the speaker’s weather resistance. Look for models designed to withstand various outdoor conditions, from sun exposure to rain showers, ensuring your investment can brave the seasons alongside you. 

Secondly, prioritize connectivity. Opt for speakers that support easy Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections, allowing you to smoothly stream your playlists directly from your devices, keeping the ambiance going without the hassle of wires

Our Pick: JBL Professional 3" Ground-Stake Landscape Loudspeaker

JBL Professional GSF3-T is a high-performance coaxial ground-stake landscape loudspeaker designed for outdoor audio installations. This compact and durable loudspeaker is engineered to deliver excellent sound quality in garden areas, patios, and other outdoor spaces. With its tan color and ground-stake design, it seamlessly blends into outdoor environments while providing reliable and immersive audio.

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Smart Outdoor Security Cameras

outdoor security ring camera

Smart security cameras, motion sensors, and lighting not only enhance safety but also add to the comfort of outdoor living, providing peace of mind that extends beyond the indoors.

The newest outdoor security gadgets are built tough to handle the elements and smart to keep your backyard safe. They're perfect for any scenario—keeping your garden party secure, overseeing a peaceful backyard, or watching over the patio.

These devices do their job without sticking out. Motion sensors light up to scare off intruders, while weatherproof cameras keep watch without a break. You get top-notch security that blends right into your outdoor setup.

When picking a security system for your backyard or patio, consider detection capabilities and ease of integration. Opt for devices that can tell the difference between a pet and a potential threat, minimizing false alarms. Cameras should offer night vision and wide coverage to keep an eye on every corner, 24/7.

Secondly, choose systems that work with your smart home for easy control and monitoring. Get real-time alerts and updates on your phone, keeping you informed wherever you are.

Our Pick: Ring Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight

For top-tier outdoor security, we recommend the Ring Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight. It combines solar power efficiency with motion-sensing tech, lighting up a wide area to deter intruders. With easy integration into the Ring app, you can keep tabs on your backyard from anywhere. It’s the perfect marriage of convenience and security. 

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Smart Pool Maintenance

The worst part of owning a pool just got one million times easier. 

Simplify your pool care with the latest in automated pool maintenance technology. These systems are a straightforward solution for keeping your pool water clean, balanced, and swim-ready without constant manual testing and adjustment.

Choosing an automated pool system brings two major benefits to the table:

Firstly, these systems keep an eye on your pool’s chemical levels around the clock, automatically making adjustments as needed. You get consistently clean and safe water without the hassle.

Automated pool systems are also designed to be energy-efficient, helping you cut down on utility bills and be more eco-friendly.

Our Pick: ChlorSync System with PoolSync® WiFi Controller


For top-notch automated pool care, we recommend the ChlorSync System combined with the PoolSync® WiFi Controller.  This pairing ensures your pool’s chlorine levels are always perfectly balanced, maintaining crystal clear water with minimal effort.

The PoolSync WiFi Controller lets you manage everything from your smartphone, offering the ultimate convenience and control for a worry-free pool experience.

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Outdoor Movie Projectors

Of all the cutting edge backyard tech trends, the movie projector is top pick for 2024. It makes sense in a streaming world, movie theater attendance is at historical lows in the U.S. If you’re anything like us and would rather cue up Netflix than pay $18 for a movie ticket. A projector with high brightness (measured in lumens) and HD resolution delivers clear and vibrant images, even in areas with ambient light, so you can host a movie night in your backyard.

Our Pick: The Yard Master Electric Tension Series 

The Yard Master Electric Tension Series

Boasting a durable build, IP33 rating, and tab-tension design, this screen promises a stable and dependable outdoor viewing experience. Featuring Wraith Veil Dual material, it delivers exceptional image clarity from every angle, accommodating various projector setups with ease. 

Shop: The Yard Master Electric Tension Series

WiFi Controlled Lighting 

wifi lighting for outdoor spaces. Man installing wifi lighting in a backyard

Brighten up your outdoor gatherings with the convenience of Wi-Fi-enabled lighting options. Gone are the days of fumbling with complicated setups or manual switches. Today, you can effortlessly control your outdoor lighting with just a tap on your smartphone or smart home hub.

We recommend choosing lights that offer seamless integration with Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows you to easily adjust brightness, color, and scheduling right from your smartphone or smart home device.

What’s an upgrade if it doesn’t look the part? Look for lighting options that complement your outdoor decor while providing the functionality you need. Whether you prefer sleek modern fixtures or vintage-inspired designs, there's a Wi-Fi-enabled lighting solution to suit your style.

Our Pick: Jasco Pro Series RGBW Wifi LED Vintage Café Lights

Among the array of Wi-Fi lighting options available, the Jasco Pro Series RGBW Wi-Fi LED Vintage Café Lights stand out for their seamless integration and personality packed design. With customizable color options and easy-to-use controls, these lights make it effortless to create the perfect ambiance for any outdoor gathering. 

The Best Backyard Tech of 2024 

From wireless outdoor speakers to smart security cameras, backyard tech upgrades are letting us enjoy our backyard more while spending less time maintaining it. 

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