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Swimline Swimming Pool Inflatable Ice Cube Pool Float

Swimline Swimming Pool Inflatable Ice Cube Pool Float

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The Swimline SW9073 Swimming Pool Inflatable Ice Cube Pool Float brings a touch of fun and relaxation to your poolside experience. Designed to resemble a giant ice cube, this pool float not only offers a comfortable and spacious lounging area but also adds a playful and refreshing element to your swimming pool, making it a perfect accessory for enjoying sunny days in the water.

Cool Ice Cube Design: The SW9073 pool float features a creative and eye-catching design, mimicking a giant ice cube. This playful and realistic appearance adds a whimsical and refreshing aesthetic to your pool area.

Spacious Lounging Platform: With ample space, the float provides a comfortable and roomy area for sunbathing, relaxation, or simply floating in the pool. It can accommodate both adults and children for endless summer enjoyment.

Durable Vinyl Construction: Crafted from high-quality, durable vinyl material, the float is built to withstand the demands of pool use while ensuring long-lasting performance.

Built-In Headrest: The float includes a built-in headrest, enhancing your comfort and relaxation as you recline on the water.

Easy Inflation and Deflation: The float is easy to inflate and deflate, allowing for convenient storage and transportation.

Vibrant Colors: The float's vibrant colors not only make it easily visible in the pool but also add a pop of color to your pool area, making it an attractive and eye-catching addition.

Versatile Pool Accessory: Perfect for sunbathing, lounging, or playing, the SW9073 float is suitable for all ages and can be used in various pool activities.

Ideal for Pool Parties: This ice cube float can be a fun and unique addition to pool parties and gatherings, adding an element of novelty and enjoyment to your pool events.

Trusted Brand: Swimline is a renowned and trusted name in the pool and water leisure industry, known for delivering quality and innovative products. The SW9073 Ice Cube Pool Float upholds this legacy by providing a fun and functional pool accessory.

The Swimline SW9073 Swimming Pool Inflatable Ice Cube Pool Float is a delightful and entertaining addition to your pool area. Its creative design, spacious lounging platform, and durable construction make it a perfect choice for those seeking both fun and comfort while enjoying their pool. Whether you're lounging alone or sharing it with friends, this ice cube float guarantees hours of entertainment and relaxation in the pool. Elevate your poolside fun with the Swimline SW9073, a top-tier pool float from a trusted industry leader.


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