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Skimmer for Inground Swimming Pool with Waterstop Face | SKR201

Skimmer for Inground Swimming Pool with Waterstop Face | SKR201

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The AquaStar Pool Products SKR201 Inground Swimming Pool Skimmer is an essential and high-quality component for maintaining the cleanliness and water quality of your inground pool. Designed and crafted by AquaStar Pool Products, a trusted name in pool equipment, this skimmer is built to deliver both efficiency and durability.

Waterstop Face: The AquaStar SKR201 features a waterstop face, which effectively regulates the water level in your pool. This ensures that the skimmer operates optimally and helps maintain the ideal water level for efficient skimming.

Float Assembly: The included float assembly allows the skimmer to adapt to changes in water level, ensuring consistent skimming performance. It accommodates fluctuations in the water level, ensuring that the skimmer functions effectively under varying conditions.

Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials, this skimmer is built to withstand the challenging conditions of an inground pool environment. It is resistant to corrosion and can endure exposure to pool chemicals and UV rays.

Efficient Debris Removal: The skimmer's design maximizes water flow, enabling it to efficiently capture and remove debris, such as leaves, twigs, and bugs, from the surface of the pool water.

Sleek White Finish: The white finish of the AquaStar SKR201 adds a touch of elegance to your pool's appearance. It complements various pool designs and color schemes.

Easy Installation: This skimmer is designed for straightforward installation, ensuring that pool professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike can easily incorporate it into their pool plumbing system.

Secure Locking Mechanism: The skimmer comes with a reliable locking mechanism that securely holds it in place once installed, ensuring stability and water-tight performance.

Easy Maintenance: Regular maintenance is hassle-free thanks to the accessible design and debris basket that captures and contains debris before it enters the pool's filtration system.

The AquaStar Pool Products SKR201 Inground Swimming Pool Skimmer is a dependable and efficient solution for keeping your pool water clear and free from debris. With its waterstop face, float assembly, durable construction, and efficient debris removal, it ensures that your pool remains in top condition with minimal effort. Elevate your inground pool's skimming and maintenance capabilities with the AquaStar SKR201, a reliable and stylish addition to your pool equipment lineup.



  • Adjustable collar
  • New weir clip lock secures the clips in the weir door
  • Self-contained gunite grip, water stop on face plate to prevent water leaks
  • Large self-contained basket with lock-in feature (will not float)
  • Underwater dampers on face plate for noise reduction on weir plate - especially on windy days
  • Super strong engineered polymer upper housing
  • Extra heavy duty PVC lower unit (no transitional glue required)
  • 2 1/2" outside slip and 2" inside slip (outside skimmer) 2" threads for pressure testing (inside skimmer)
  • Built-in overflow or fill line knock out
  • Upper housing has pre-cut rebar cut outs with pre-drilled holes for tie wire
  • Skimmer Lid and Collar G154 UV tested
  • NSF 50 approved for commercial use, 25 GPM min, 55 GPM max - approved for residential use up to 100 GPM
  • Optional custom name/logo engraved on lid (requires minimum 500 piece lid order)

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