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Samsung 55'' The Terrace Outdoor TV Dust Cover | VG-SDC55G

Samsung 55'' The Terrace Outdoor TV Dust Cover | VG-SDC55G

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 Samsung VG-SDC55G is a custom-designed dust cover specifically created to protect the Samsung 55'' The Terrace Outdoor TV. This premium-quality cover is tailored to fit the TV perfectly, providing reliable protection against dust, dirt, and other outdoor elements when the TV is not in use.

Custom Fit for Samsung 55'' The Terrace Outdoor TV: The VG-SDC55G is meticulously designed to precisely fit the Samsung 55'' The Terrace Outdoor TV. It offers a snug and secure fit, ensuring complete coverage of the TV screen and body.

Durable and High-Quality Material: The dust cover is crafted from durable and high-quality material, built to withstand outdoor conditions. The fabric is robust and resistant to tearing, providing long-lasting protection for the TV.

Shield Against Dust and Dirt: The primary function of the dust cover is to shield the TV from dust and dirt accumulation. When the TV is not in use, the cover prevents dust particles from settling on the screen and other sensitive components, maintaining the TV's performance and cleanliness.

Designed for Outdoor Use: The VG-SDC55G is specially designed for outdoor applications. It offers protection against various environmental factors, including dust, pollen, leaves, and other debris that might be present in outdoor settings.

Easy Installation and Removal: The dust cover features an easy-to-use design, allowing for quick installation and removal. Its snug fit ensures that it stays securely in place, even during windy conditions.

Stylish and Minimalist Design: The dust cover boasts a sleek and minimalist design that complements the overall aesthetics of the Samsung 55'' The Terrace Outdoor TV. When not in use, the cover discreetly blends into the TV's appearance.

Convenient Storage Solution: When the TV is not in use for an extended period or during unfavorable weather conditions, the dust cover provides a convenient storage solution, keeping the TV protected until it is ready for use again.

Enhanced TV Lifespan: By keeping the TV protected from dust and outdoor elements, the VG-SDC55G helps extend the TV's lifespan, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

The Samsung VG-SDC55G dust cover is a reliable and stylish accessory that complements the Samsung 55'' The Terrace Outdoor TV. With its custom fit, durable material, and protection against dust and dirt, this cover offers peace of mind for outdoor TV owners, ensuring their TV remains in pristine condition and ready for entertaining in any weather conditions.



Product Weight (lbs.) 2.57
Depth (in.) 12
Width (in.) 49.57
Height (in.) 55
Compatibility QN55LST7TAFXZA
Collection The Terrace
Shipping Depth (in.) 2.56
Shipping Width (in.) 14.17
Shipping Height (in.) 12.8

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