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Proficient Audio

Proficient AudioOutdoor Speaker with 5-1/4" Polypropylene Woofer and 1" Pivoting Supernil Tweeter, Pair, Black | AW525BLK

Proficient AudioOutdoor Speaker with 5-1/4" Polypropylene Woofer and 1" Pivoting Supernil Tweeter, Pair, Black | AW525BLK

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 The Proficient Audio AW525BLK is a premium outdoor speaker pair designed to deliver exceptional audio performance in outdoor environments. With its rugged construction and advanced audio technologies, these speakers bring crystal-clear sound and powerful bass to your outdoor spaces, making them perfect for enhancing outdoor entertainment and relaxation.

High-Quality Audio: The AW525BLK outdoor speaker pair is equipped with a 5-1/4" polypropylene woofer and a 1" pivoting Supernil tweeter. This combination ensures a well-balanced sound with accurate midrange, detailed highs, and impressive bass response. Experience immersive audio quality that brings your outdoor music and movies to life.

Weather-Resistant Design: Proficient Audio understands the challenges of outdoor installations, and the AW525BLK is built to withstand the elements. With a weather-resistant construction, these speakers are protected against rain, UV rays, and extreme temperatures, ensuring consistent and reliable performance in any weather condition.

Pivoting Tweeter: The 1" Supernil tweeter can be pivoted, allowing you to adjust the direction of the high-frequency sound. This feature gives you greater flexibility in directing the sound towards your desired listening area, providing a customized audio experience.

Sleek Black Design: The AW525BLK outdoor speakers come in a stylish black finish, adding a touch of sophistication to your outdoor decor. The neutral color complements most outdoor settings, blending seamlessly with your surroundings.

Easy Installation: The speaker pair is designed for easy installation on walls or other outdoor surfaces. The included mounting brackets and hardware ensure a secure and hassle-free setup, making it convenient to position the speakers for optimal sound coverage.

Versatile Outdoor Performance: Whether you're hosting outdoor parties, barbecues, or simply relaxing in your backyard, the AW525BLK outdoor speaker pair delivers versatile performance that enhances any outdoor occasion.

Elevate your outdoor audio experience with the Proficient Audio AW525BLK Outdoor Speaker Pair. Enjoy the perfect harmony of powerful sound, durability, and elegant design. With its weather-resistant build, versatile installation options, and high-quality audio components, this speaker pair is the perfect addition to your outdoor entertainment setup. Trust in Proficient Audio's expertise in audio engineering, and immerse yourself in superior outdoor sound with the AW525BLK black outdoor speaker pair.


General Information:

  • Brand Name: Proficient Audio
  • Manufacturer: Proficient Audio Systems
  • Manufacturer Part Number: AW525BLK
  • Product Model: AW525BLK
  • Product Name: AW525BLK Speaker
  • Product Series: AW
  • Product Type: Speaker
  • ADI Part Number: C1-AW525BLK

Technical Information:

  • Crossover Type: 2-way (utilizing a two-way crossover network to direct specific frequencies to the woofer and tweeter respectively, ensuring accurate and balanced sound reproduction)
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm (The electrical resistance of the speaker, standard and compatible with most audio systems)
  • Maximum Frequency Response: 20,000 Hz (The upper limit of the speaker's ability to reproduce high-frequency sounds)
  • Minimum Frequency Response: 45 Hz (The lower limit of the speaker's ability to reproduce bass and low-frequency sounds)
  • PMPO Output Power: 125 W (Peak Music Power Output, indicating the maximum power the speaker can handle during short bursts)
  • RMS Output Power: 125 W (Root Mean Square, indicating the continuous power the speaker can handle without distortion)
  • Sensitivity: 88 dB (The speaker's sensitivity rating, indicating its efficiency in converting power into sound)

Speaker Specifications:

  • Speaker Size: 5.25" (133.35 mm) (Referring to the diameter of the woofer cone, influencing the speaker's overall sound output)
  • Tweeter Driver Material: Dome (The dome tweeter design is known for its smooth and accurate high-frequency response)
  • Tweeter Driver Size: 1" (25.4 mm) (The diameter of the tweeter driver responsible for handling high-frequency sounds)
  • Woofer Driver Material: Polypropylene (Polypropylene woofer cones are durable and provide excellent bass response)


  • The AW525BLK speaker offers a wide frequency response range of 45 Hz to 20,000 Hz, ensuring accurate reproduction of both low and high-frequency sounds.

Physical Characteristics:

  • Application/Usage: Commercial, Fire Alarm, Music, Public Building, Signaling System, Voice (The speaker is suitable for various commercial and public use scenarios)
  • Color: Black (The color of the speaker, providing a sleek and professional appearance)
  • Depth: 6.37" (The front-to-back measurement of the speaker)
  • Form Factor: Floor Standing, Wall Mount (The speaker can be placed on the floor or mounted on walls, providing installation flexibility)
  • Height: 9.2" (The vertical measurement of the speaker)
  • Width: 8.7" (The horizontal measurement of the speaker)
  • Woofer Diameter: 5.25" (133.35 mm) (The diameter of the woofer cone responsible for handling midrange and bass frequencies)

Speaker Installation:

  • The AW525BLK speaker is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, offering versatility in placement options.

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