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Pentair R221036 145 Molded Swimming Pool Pole Hanger with Screws

Pentair R221036 145 Molded Swimming Pool Pole Hanger with Screws

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The Pentair R221036 145 Molded Swimming Pool Pole Hanger is an essential accessory for pool owners and maintenance professionals seeking a convenient and organized solution for storing pool cleaning equipment. Designed by Pentair, a reputable name in pool equipment, this molded pole hanger simplifies pool tool storage and contributes to a more efficient and clutter-free pool area.

Sturdy Molded Design: The Pole Hanger is constructed from durable molded materials that ensure its longevity and resistance to wear and tear. It can withstand the demands of the pool environment, including exposure to pool chemicals and varying weather conditions.

Convenient Storage: This pole hanger provides a designated and organized space for storing pool cleaning equipment such as skimmers, brushes, vacuum poles, and nets. It helps prevent clutter and keeps your pool area neat and tidy.

Easy Installation: The hanger is designed for easy installation, and it comes with screws included. You can securely mount it to your pool's wall or fence, ensuring that your pool cleaning tools are readily accessible whenever you need them.

Multiple Tool Capacity: The design of the hanger allows it to hold multiple pool cleaning tools, accommodating different types and sizes of equipment, making it versatile and adaptable to your pool maintenance needs.

Space-Saving: By using this hanger, you free up valuable deck and poolside space. It prevents tools from lying around, which can be unsightly and create trip hazards.

Improved Equipment Lifespan: Properly storing pool cleaning tools on this hanger helps prolong the lifespan of your equipment. It prevents damage and deterioration that can occur when tools are left exposed to the elements.

Enhanced Safety: Keeping pool cleaning tools organized and off the pool deck enhances safety. It reduces the risk of accidents and injuries associated with clutter and disorganized equipment.

The Pentair R221036 145 Molded Swimming Pool Pole Hanger with Screws is a practical and valuable accessory for any pool owner or maintenance professional. With its durable molded construction, convenient storage, easy installation, multiple tool capacity, space-saving design, and safety benefits, it simplifies pool tool organization and storage, contributing to a cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable pool area. Elevate your pool maintenance routine with the Pentair Pole Hanger and experience the benefits of enhanced organization and equipment protection.



Brand Pentair
Includes Screws
Item Pole Hanger
Material ABS Molded
Model 145
Packaging Quantity 2/Pack

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