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Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed High Performance Pump VS+SVRS 3.2kW 3HP Max 230V | EC-011057

Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed High Performance Pump VS+SVRS 3.2kW 3HP Max 230V | EC-011057

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Key Features:

Variable Speed Technology with SVRS:

The Pentair IntelliFlo Pump incorporates advanced variable speed technology, allowing you to adjust the pump's speed to suit your pool's specific needs. This feature enables precise control over water flow rates, energy consumption, and filtration, leading to optimized pool maintenance and significant energy savings. Additionally, the built-in SVRS enhances safety by automatically detecting blockages in the suction line and shutting off the pump to prevent entrapment hazards.

High Performance and Powerful Motor:

The IntelliFlo pump is equipped with a formidable 3-horsepower (3HP) motor, providing outstanding performance for larger residential and commercial pools. Despite its high horsepower, the variable speed capabilities ensure that the pump operates efficiently and quietly, even at lower speeds.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings:

With its variable speed technology, the IntelliFlo pump stands as a paragon of energy efficiency. By running at lower speeds during periods of reduced demand, this pump significantly reduces energy consumption compared to traditional single-speed pumps. The result is substantial cost savings on energy bills and a more environmentally friendly pool system.

Advanced Control and Automation:

The IntelliFlo pump features intelligent controls and automation options that allow you to program and customize pump speeds, schedules, and operation modes effortlessly. The user-friendly interface ensures straightforward setup and management, giving you the flexibility to tailor the pump's performance to your exact preferences.

Durable and Built to Last:

Pentair has constructed the IntelliFlo pump with premium-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Its rugged build enables it to withstand the demanding conditions of pool environments and the corrosive effects of pool chemicals, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

230V Power Compatibility:

The EC-011057 model is designed to work with a 230V power supply, ensuring compatibility with most residential and commercial electrical configurations.

Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed High Performance Pump with VS+SVRS 3.2kW 3HP Max 230V | EC-011057 is an exceptional pool pump that stands at the forefront of pool pump technology. Its variable speed capabilities, powerful 3HP motor, built-in SVRS for enhanced safety, energy efficiency, and advanced control and automation options make it the ultimate choice for discerning pool owners. With the IntelliFlo pump, you can enjoy a crystal clear, efficiently maintained pool while benefiting from significant energy savings and peace of mind thanks to its safety features. Embrace the future of pool pump technology with the Pentair IntelliFlo pump and elevate your pool experience to unmatched levels of performance, convenience, and safety.

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