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JBL Professional

JBL Professional 8" Commercial Weather Resistant Landscape Subwoofer | JBL-CONTROL 89MS

JBL Professional 8" Commercial Weather Resistant Landscape Subwoofer | JBL-CONTROL 89MS

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 The JBL Professional Control 89MS is an 8" commercial landscape subwoofer that brings powerful and immersive bass performance to outdoor environments. Engineered by JBL, a renowned leader in professional audio technology, this weather-resistant subwoofer is designed to deliver exceptional sound quality and durability, making it an ideal choice for various commercial applications in outdoor spaces.

Unparalleled Audio Performance: The JBL Control 89MS is crafted to deliver impressive low-frequency response, adding depth and richness to your outdoor audio experience. With its 8" Polypropylene woofer and a robust 800-watt peak power handling capacity, this subwoofer effortlessly reproduces deep bass notes with clarity and precision, enhancing the overall sound quality of your outdoor sound system.

Rugged Weather Resistant Design: Designed to thrive in outdoor environments, the Control 89MS is built to withstand challenging weather conditions. Its durable and weather-resistant construction protects the subwoofer from rain, humidity, sun exposure, and temperature variations, ensuring consistent and reliable performance even in harsh outdoor settings.

Versatile Landscape Installation: The Control 89MS is specifically engineered for landscape installations, offering flexible mounting options to seamlessly blend into any outdoor setting. The subwoofer features an innovative dual voice coil design, which allows it to be configured in either stereo or mono modes, depending on your specific application requirements. The 70V/100V multi-tap transformer also ensures compatibility with a variety of distributed audio systems.

Discreet Aesthetics: The JBL Control 89MS boasts a discreet and unobtrusive design that seamlessly integrates with outdoor landscapes. The subwoofer is available in a neutral color that easily blends into garden beds, foliage, or hardscapes, ensuring that it complements the aesthetics of the surrounding environment without drawing unnecessary attention.

Commercial-Grade Reliability: As part of JBL's Professional series, the Control 89MS is engineered with a focus on reliability and performance. This subwoofer is built to handle continuous outdoor use, making it a trusted choice for various commercial applications, such as theme parks, resorts, outdoor venues, and restaurants. Its durable construction and high-quality components ensure long-term operation without compromising on audio excellence.

Easy Installation and Integration: The Control 89MS is designed for user-friendly installation and integration into outdoor audio systems. It comes equipped with mounting hardware and features a sturdy built-in bracket, allowing for straightforward and secure attachment to walls, poles, or other outdoor structures. Its versatile connectivity options and compatibility with standard outdoor audio amplifiers ensure seamless integration into existing setups.

The JBL Professional Control 89MS 8" Commercial Weather Resistant Landscape Subwoofer is a high-performance audio solution designed to elevate outdoor audio experiences in commercial settings. With its powerful bass performance, weather-resistant construction, discreet aesthetics, and versatile installation options, this JBL subwoofer brings professional-grade audio quality to any outdoor environment. Whether you're entertaining guests or providing background music in a commercial setting, the Control 89MS delivers outstanding sound and reliability, setting a new standard for outdoor audio excellence.


Frequency Range (-10dB) 40 Hz – 150 Hz
Frequency Response (+/-3 dB) 53 Hz – 110 Hz
Power Rating 300 W: Continuous Program (2 hrs)
150 W: (600 W Peak), Continuous Pink Noise (2 hrs)
100 W: (400 W Peak), Continuous Pink Noise (100 hrs)
Sensitivity 87 dB (ave. 60 Hz – 105 Hz)
Maximum SPL 115 dB peak (109 dB continuous, 2 hr) @ 1m
Coverage Pattern Omnidirectional
Directivity Factor (Q) 2.0 (with half-space, 2π, on-ground loading)
Directivity Index (DI) 3.0
Nominal Impedance 8 Ω (at 8Ω tap)
Transformer Taps 70V: 80 W, 40 W, 20 W, 10 W
100V: 80 W, 40 W, 20 W
Drivers 200 mm (8-inch) driver, polypropylene injection cone, long-excursion corrosionresistant TPV (thermoplastic vulcanizate) surround, and 50 mm (2-inch) voice coil on 80% glass fiber + polyamide coil former
Terminals Bare wire with dielectric-gel-filled wire nuts (internal to top speaker section)
Enclosure Material LDPE Polyethylene plastic, 6 mm minimum wall thickness, UL94V-HB rated,color throughout
Color Hunter Green RAL 6018
Dimensions 524 x 355 x 355 mm (20.7 x 14.0 x 14.0 inches)
Included Accessories (2) wire nuts, (2) gland nuts, (1) security screwdriver

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