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Hayward TriVac 700 Pressure-Side Automatic Pool Cleaner, W3TVP700C

Hayward TriVac 700 Pressure-Side Automatic Pool Cleaner, W3TVP700C

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The Hayward TriVac® 700 Automatic Pool Cleaner, model W3TVP700C, is a premium solution for maintaining the cleanliness and clarity of your swimming pool. Manufactured by Hayward, a leading name in pool equipment, this automatic pool cleaner offers an advanced and efficient design, ensuring your pool stays sparkling and inviting.

Versatile Cleaning: The TriVac® 700 is equipped to clean a variety of pool surfaces, including concrete, gunite, plaster, and vinyl. Its versatile design allows it to effectively and gently clean different pool types without causing damage.

Innovative Three-Jet Venturi System: This cleaner utilizes a unique three-jet Venturi system that combines powerful vacuuming with high-speed scrubbing. It can pick up large debris, such as leaves and twigs, and thoroughly scrub the pool's surface, leaving it spotless.

Low-Noise Operation: The TriVac® 700 operates quietly, providing a serene poolside environment while it works diligently to clean your pool. You can enjoy a peaceful ambiance by the pool without disruptive mechanical noise.

Programmable Cleaning: This cleaner comes with a programmable timer, allowing you to set the cleaning schedule to your preference. You can choose from 2, 4, or 6-hour cleaning cycles to match your pool's cleaning needs.

Easy Installation and Operation: Setting up the TriVac® 700 is a breeze. Simply connect it to your pool's dedicated booster pump, and it's ready to work. The included 40-foot hose provides ample reach for various pool sizes and layouts.

Innovative Roller Skirt: The cleaner features an innovative roller skirt that enhances maneuverability around obstacles, including main drains, lights, and corners. This design ensures efficient and thorough coverage of your pool.

Advanced Steerable Technology: The advanced steering system enables the TriVac® 700 to navigate tight corners and tricky areas, ensuring no part of your pool is left uncleaned.

Large Debris Collection Bag: The large debris collection bag is easy to access and clean. It efficiently captures leaves and other debris, preventing them from entering the pool's filtration system.

Sturdy and Durable Design: Built with robust materials, the TriVac® 700 is designed for durability and longevity. It resists wear and tear and is well-suited to the demands of pool cleaning.

The Hayward TriVac® 700 Automatic Pool Cleaner, model W3TVP700C, is a dependable and efficient cleaning solution for pool owners looking to maintain a clear and debris-free pool. With its versatile cleaning capabilities, advanced Venturi system, programmable timer, and durable design, it ensures your pool is consistently clean and ready for enjoyment. Elevate your pool maintenance with the Hayward TriVac® 700 and experience the convenience and effectiveness of a high-performance automatic pool cleaner.



Application In-ground residential pools – gunite, vinyl, fiberglass, pebble and tile. Skims the top of the water’s surface and scours pool floor, walls and coves
Average Back Up Frequency         60-75 sec
Average Back Up Time 5-10 sec
Weight 23 lbs
Cleaning Path Width 9 Inch
Cleaning to Back Up Ratio 90% - 10%
Color White/Blue/Black
Bag Capacity 6 quarts
Drive Mechanism AquaDrive technology
Hose 34 ft
Jets 3
Optimal Working Pressure 23 psi
Pool Coverage Pool floor, wall, coves and surface water skimming
Pool Size 20 ft x 40 ft
Surface gunite, vinyl, fiberglass, pebble and tile
Diameter 3 Inches
Warranty 2 years

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