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Hayward 2.7HP 230V TriStar Variable Speed Pool Pump, W3SP3206VSP

Hayward 2.7HP 230V TriStar Variable Speed Pool Pump, W3SP3206VSP

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The Hayward TriStar® VS 2.7 Pool Pump, represented by model number W3SP3206VSP, stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency in the world of pool pumps. As a trusted expert in pool equipment, I'm thrilled to introduce you to this remarkable piece of technology, which is set to revolutionize the way you maintain and enjoy your swimming pool.

Variable Speed Technology: The W3SP3206VSP is part of the Hayward TriStar® family and boasts a cutting-edge variable speed motor. This advanced technology allows you to customize the pump's speed according to your pool's unique requirements. By adjusting the speed, you can achieve optimal energy efficiency while maintaining the pristine condition of your pool.

Energy Savings: Hayward is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. The TriStar® VS 2.7 Pool Pump is no exception. By using a variable speed motor, this pump consumes significantly less energy compared to traditional, single-speed pumps. This not only reduces your energy costs but also helps in minimizing your carbon footprint.

Quiet Operation: The innovative design of the W3SP3206VSP incorporates a proprietary hydraulic isolator for reduced vibration and noise. This means that as the pump quietly goes about its work, you can enjoy a peaceful poolside experience without any distracting background noise.

Easy Installation and Compatibility: The pump is designed for quick and straightforward installation, seamlessly replacing existing pool pumps without any major modifications. It's also compatible with most pool automation systems, making it a convenient addition to your pool setup.

Durable Build: Constructed with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, the Hayward TriStar® VS 2.7 is built to last. Its corrosion-resistant design ensures a longer lifespan, and it requires minimal maintenance.

Advanced Control: The pump comes equipped with a user-friendly digital interface, allowing you to program and schedule its operation to suit your specific pool requirements. This feature not only enhances convenience but also maximizes energy savings.

Environmental Responsibility: Choosing the W3SP3206VSP not only benefits you but also contributes to the environment. Its energy-efficient operation aligns with current environmental standards and regulations.

The Hayward TriStar® VS 2.7 Pool Pump, model W3SP3206VSP, is a game-changer in the world of pool pumps. With its variable speed technology, energy efficiency, quiet operation, ease of installation, and durability, it's the ideal choice for pool owners who value both performance and sustainability. This pump is more than just a pool accessory; it's a smart investment that enhances your pool experience, reduces operating costs, and demonstrates your commitment to environmental responsibility. Welcome to the future of pool pump technology with the Hayward TriStar® VS 2.7.


Product Type: Pool Pump
Energy Star Certified: Yes
Features: Energy Star Certified
Pump Speed: Variable Speed
Manufacturer: Hayward
Energy Efficient: Yes
Total Horsepower: 2.7 THP
Voltage: 115V / 230V


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