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Hayward Super-Vac See-Thru Triangular Vacuum Head, SP1068

Hayward Super-Vac See-Thru Triangular Vacuum Head, SP1068

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The Hayward SP1068 Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner Head is a high-quality and reliable cleaning accessory that simplifies and enhances the maintenance of your swimming pool. As a product from Hayward, a well-respected leader in pool equipment, this vacuum cleaner head offers a range of features designed to make pool cleaning more efficient and effortless.

Sturdy Construction: The Hayward SP1068 is constructed with durability in mind. Its robust build is engineered to withstand the harsh pool environment, including exposure to pool chemicals, sunlight, and water, without succumbing to corrosion or wear.

Efficient Suction: This vacuum cleaner head is designed for superior suction performance. It excels at collecting dirt, debris, and even fine particles from the pool floor and walls, resulting in pristine, clear pool water that's inviting to swimmers.

Universal Compatibility: The SP1068 is compatible with a wide range of vacuum hoses and standard pool poles, making it a versatile addition to your pool maintenance equipment. Its adaptability allows it to seamlessly integrate into your existing pool cleaning system.

Generous Cleaning Path: The vacuum head boasts a wide 14-inch cleaning path, allowing you to cover more pool surface area in less time. This feature not only speeds up the cleaning process but also reduces the effort required to maintain your pool.

Easy Maneuverability: The vacuum head is designed for smooth and effortless movement. Its swiveling head and multidirectional wheels enable it to navigate the pool's surfaces with ease, ensuring thorough and even cleaning without unnecessary strain.

Weighted for Stability: To prevent it from floating to the pool's surface, the SP1068 is equipped with integrated weights. This ensures that it maintains consistent contact with the pool floor and walls, effectively removing debris.

User-Friendly Design: Setting up and using this vacuum cleaner head is straightforward. Simply attach it to a compatible vacuum hose and pool pole, and then connect it to your pool's filtration system for powerful and efficient cleaning.

Hayward Quality: As a Hayward product, the SP1068 vacuum cleaner head upholds a reputation for quality and innovation in the pool industry. It's backed by a trusted brand known for producing reliable and long-lasting pool equipment.

The Hayward SP1068 Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner Head is an indispensable tool for pool owners who prioritize cleanliness and water clarity. With its durable construction, efficient design, and compatibility with various pool maintenance systems, this vacuum cleaner head streamlines the pool cleaning process. By investing in the SP1068, you can maintain a sparkling clean and inviting pool throughout the swimming season with minimal effort.


Manufacturer: Hayward
Maintenance Type: Vacuum Heads
Pool Type: In Ground
Vacuum Head Type: Triangular
Product Type: Pool Maintenance

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