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Hayward Pro-Grid Vertical Grid D.E. 36 Sq/Ft In-Ground Pool Filter, W3DE3620

Hayward Pro-Grid Vertical Grid D.E. 36 Sq/Ft In-Ground Pool Filter, W3DE3620

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 The Hayward ProGrid® 36 Sq Ft Pool Filter, known as the W3DE3620, is a compact yet powerful filtration system that provides exceptional water clarity for swimming pools. Hayward is renowned for its high-quality pool equipment, and the ProGrid® line is no exception, offering efficient and reliable pool filtration.

Compact Design: The W3DE3620 is designed with efficiency in mind. Despite its compact size, this filter is equipped with a 36 square foot filtration area, making it perfect for smaller to medium-sized pools, above-ground pools, and spa installations.

Superior Filtration: The ProGrid® filter features a grid element system that excels at trapping even the finest particles and debris in your pool water. This ensures that your pool remains free of contaminants and maintains a pristine appearance.

Durable Construction: Constructed with high-quality materials, including a heavy-duty, glass-reinforced copolymer tank, this filter is built to withstand the rigors of pool maintenance. It is corrosion-resistant and designed to resist the corrosive effects of pool chemicals and environmental factors.

Easy Maintenance: The W3DE3620 is designed for easy maintenance. The filter's grid elements are simple to access and clean, which helps prolong the life of the filter and maintain its efficiency. Routine maintenance can be accomplished without hassle, saving you time and effort.

Safety Features: Hayward places a strong emphasis on safety. The ProGrid® filter includes a secure, tamper-proof safety lock ring to ensure that the filter remains sealed and leak-free, safeguarding both your pool and the equipment.

Versatility: This filter is versatile and can be easily integrated into various pool systems. Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, this filter is compatible with a wide range of pumps, making it a versatile choice for pool owners.

Energy Efficiency: The compact design and efficient filtration capabilities of the W3DE3620 reduce the need for backwashing, conserving water and reducing energy consumption.

Efficient Water Flow: The ProGrid® filter is designed to promote even water distribution and minimize resistance, ensuring that your pool water is efficiently filtered, and your pump operates optimally.

the Hayward ProGrid® 36 Sq Ft Pool Filter, W3DE3620, is a reliable and efficient filtration system designed for smaller to medium-sized pools, above-ground pools, and spa installations. Its compact design, durable construction, and user-friendly maintenance features make it an excellent choice for pool owners seeking to maintain clean and clear pool water. With Hayward's reputation for quality and innovation, this filter is an investment in long-term pool enjoyment and water quality.



Product Height (in.) 34.5 in Product Width (in.) 24 in


Features No Additional Features Filtration Area (sq. ft) 36
Included No Additional Items Included Outdoor Living Product Type Pool Filters
Pool Gallons (approx) 30000 Pool Type In Ground
Product Weight (lb.) 65 Returnable 90-Day

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year Parts Warranty

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