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GLI 15' Round Above Ground Classic Pool Cover with 4' Overlap, 45-0015RD-CLA-4-BX

GLI 15' Round Above Ground Classic Pool Cover with 4' Overlap, 45-0015RD-CLA-4-BX

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Introducing the epitome of winter pool care, the GLI 18 x 36-Feet Rectangle Solid Winter Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover redefines pool preservation with its rugged construction and thoughtful design. Tailored for rectangular above-ground pools, this cover delivers unparalleled protection against winter's harshest elements. By shielding your pool from potential damage, debris, and harsh weather, this cover ensures a smoother transition to pool enjoyment when spring arrives. Let's explore the standout features that make this cover an optimal choice for winterizing your rectangular pool.

Unyielding Winter Protection: Engineered to withstand the most extreme winter conditions, the GLI Rectangle Solid Winter Pool Cover forms an impenetrable barrier against snow, ice, and debris. Its resilient build safeguards your pool's structure and water quality, preventing potential harm.
Effortless Setup: Designed exclusively for rectangular above-ground pools, this cover fits seamlessly over the entire pool area. With a user-friendly design, installation is straightforward, ensuring secure fastening and resilience against winds and snow.
Durable Craftsmanship: Crafted from high-quality materials, this cover is built to endure prolonged exposure to winter elements. Its robust fabric is resistant to UV rays, pool chemicals, and potential wear and tear, ensuring its durability across multiple winter seasons.
Algae Inhibition: Leveraging its light-blocking properties, the solid cover prevents sunlight from reaching the pool water. By depriving algae of the conditions necessary for growth, the cover minimizes algae-related challenges during the dormant winter months.
Maintained Water Quality: Functioning as a robust barrier, the cover halts leaves, debris, and contaminants from infiltrating the pool. This preserves water quality and reduces the need for intensive cleaning and chemical adjustments when spring beckons.
Streamlined Winter Maintenance: By entrusting your pool's protection to the GLI Rectangle Solid Winter Cover, you simplify your winter pool maintenance routine. This ensures a quicker return to a sparkling pool environment as the warmer season arrives.
Steadfast Attachment and Longevity: Furnished with heavy-duty fastening hardware, the cover guarantees a secure attachment. Reinforced edges and corners contribute to its durability, sustaining its protective prowess through successive winter seasons.

The GLI 18 x 36-Feet Rectangle Solid Winter Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover stands as the embodiment of superior winter pool preservation. With its sturdy construction, secure fit, and adept defense against debris and algae growth, this cover is an indispensable choice for rectangular above-ground pool owners. Featuring straightforward installation and enduring performance, it provides peace of mind throughout the winter months, safeguarding your pool investment and simplifying the transition back to pool enjoyment as spring returns.


Material Stainless Steel,Polypropylene,Brass
Brand GLI Pool Products
Product Dimensions 456"L x 216"W
Style Modern

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