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GLI 18' Round Above Ground Leaf Net Pool Cover, 45-0018RD-LNT-3-BX

GLI 18' Round Above Ground Leaf Net Pool Cover, 45-0018RD-LNT-3-BX

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For above-ground pool owners grappling with the challenge of falling leaves during the winter season, the GLI 18-Foot Round Leaf Net Winter Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover presents a tailored and effective solution. Engineered with precision and attention to detail, this cover is designed to counteract the accumulation of leaves and debris, streamlining pool maintenance and reopening in the spring.

Leaf and Debris Defense: The GLI Leaf Net Winter Pool Cover is meticulously crafted to prevent leaves, debris, and larger particles from entering your pool during the off-season. Its specialized mesh structure captures these elements on the cover's surface, reducing the need for labor-intensive manual cleaning.
Tailored Fit: Designed to fit 18-foot round above-ground swimming pools, this cover provides a snug and comprehensive fit that minimizes potential gaps. This ensures thorough coverage over the pool's surface area, enhancing its protective capabilities.
Durability and Reliability: Constructed from high-quality materials, the leaf net cover is engineered to withstand the challenges of winter weather. Its robust design ensures its effectiveness over multiple seasons, delivering sustained value.
Easy Installation: Installing the leaf net cover is an uncomplicated process, requiring minimal tools and effort. Its user-friendly design enables swift setup, saving you time and energy.
Effective Drainage: The mesh construction of the cover promotes efficient drainage, preventing the buildup of rainwater and melted snow. This feature minimizes excess weight on the cover and mitigates the need for manual water removal.
Complementary Winter Cover Use: The leaf net cover is often utilized in conjunction with a solid winter cover. Placing the leaf net cover atop the winter cover creates a dual-layer defense against leaves and debris, enhancing pool protection.
Effortless Leaf Removal: Come spring, removing the leaf net cover is a simple task, carrying away the leaves and debris that have gathered on its surface. This feature simplifies the process of preparing your pool for the upcoming swimming season.

The GLI 18-Foot Round Leaf Net Winter Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover serves as a specialized solution to the common challenge of leaf accumulation during winter. By effectively preventing leaves and debris from entering your pool, this cover contributes to pool cleanliness and reduces the effort required for maintenance and preparation. Its tailored fit, durability, and straightforward installation make it a valuable addition to your winter pool care regimen. If you're grappling with leaf issues and are seeking a practical solution that streamlines pool maintenance during the colder months, the GLI Leaf Net Winter Pool Cover is a worthy investment that offers both convenience and lasting benefits.


Size Shape: Round, Size: 18 ft
Color Multicolor
Brand In The Swim
Product Dimensions 22.8"L x 18.5"W
Style Above Ground

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