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AquaStar Pool Products SKR103 Flow Star Standard Swimming Pool Skimmer - Light Gray

AquaStar Pool Products SKR103 Flow Star Standard Swimming Pool Skimmer - Light Gray

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The AquaStar SKR103 Flow Star Standard Swimming Pool Skimmer is an exceptional addition to any swimming pool, offering top-tier functionality, efficiency, and durability. This skimmer is thoughtfully designed to keep your pool crystal clear, providing a clean and inviting swimming environment for you and your family. Here's why the AquaStar SKR103 stands out as an essential pool accessory:

Superior Flow and Efficient Debris Removal: The AquaStar SKR103 is engineered for optimal water flow and debris collection. It effortlessly captures leaves, twigs, insects, and other unwanted debris, preventing them from sinking and cluttering the pool bottom. The skimmer's efficient design ensures that your pool water stays pristine and inviting.

Water Stop Face for Enhanced Performance: The innovative water stop face on this skimmer plays a crucial role in preventing debris from re-entering the pool. By creating a barrier that stops debris in its tracks, the AquaStar SKR103 ensures that once captured, debris remains trapped and doesn't circulate back into the water. This feature is particularly beneficial for maintaining water quality.

Float Assembly for Seasonal Water Level Adjustments: This skimmer includes a float assembly, allowing it to adapt to changes in water level that can occur due to evaporation or rainfall. It ensures consistent skimming performance and helps maintain the proper water level in your pool, preventing overflows and underflows.

Durable Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, the AquaStar SKR103 is made from high-quality materials designed to withstand exposure to harsh pool chemicals and UV rays. Its rugged construction ensures that it continues to perform reliably in the challenging pool environment.

Convenient Basket for Debris Collection: The integrated basket in this skimmer provides a convenient and easily accessible collection point for debris. When it's time to clean the skimmer, the basket can be effortlessly removed and emptied, streamlining the maintenance process.

Lit for Enhanced Visibility: AquaStar understands the importance of safety and usability, which is why the SKR103 comes equipped with a built-in light. This feature enhances visibility in and around the skimmer, making it easier to inspect and maintain, especially during nighttime or low-light conditions.

Adjustable Collar for Easy Installation: The adjustable collar on the AquaStar SKR103 simplifies the installation process. It can be adapted to fit various pool wall thicknesses, ensuring a secure and watertight connection.

the AquaStar SKR103 Flow Star Standard Swimming Pool Skimmer is a top-quality skimmer that combines efficient debris removal, durability, and user-friendly features. It is designed to keep your swimming pool water pristine, and its advanced engineering ensures debris is captured and stays out of your pool. With easy maintenance and the convenience of an adjustable collar, this skimmer is an excellent addition to any pool, making pool maintenance a breeze and allowing you to enjoy a clean and inviting pool environment year-round. Trust in AquaStar for exceptional pool products that enhance your swimming experience.


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