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Patio Comfort 5 Gallon "OPD" Propane Tank with Quick Close Valve - OPD QCV

Patio Comfort 5 Gallon "OPD" Propane Tank with Quick Close Valve - OPD QCV

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Optimized Propane Capacity: The Patio Comfort 5 Gallon Propane Tank boasts a generous 5-gallon capacity, offering ample fuel storage for your outdoor heating needs. This sizeable tank ensures an extended runtime, reducing the frequency of refills and allowing you to enjoy continuous heat for your outdoor space.

"OPD" Safety Feature: The tank is equipped with an "OPD" (Overfill Prevention Device), a crucial safety feature that prevents overfilling of the tank. The OPD valve automatically stops the filling process when the tank reaches its safe capacity, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring safe propane handling.

Quick Close Valve (QCV): The Quick Close Valve on the propane tank provides an added layer of convenience. The QCV allows for easy and swift closing of the propane flow when the heater is not in use, minimizing propane wastage and maximizing safety during storage.

High-Quality Construction: APatio Comfort takes pride in crafting their propane tanks with high-quality materials and manufacturing standards. The tank's sturdy construction ensures durability and reliability, making it a long-lasting and dependable addition to your outdoor heating setup.

Versatile Compatibility: The Patio Comfort 5 Gallon Propane Tank is designed to work seamlessly with various outdoor patio heaters that require propane fuel. Its compatibility with a wide range of heaters makes it a versatile choice for different heating setups.

User-Friendly Design: The propane tank's design is user-friendly, allowing for easy refills and connections to your patio heater. The clear markings on the tank indicate the propane level, giving you a quick visual reference to know when it's time for a refill.

In conclusion, the Patio Comfort 5 Gallon "OPD" Propane Tank with Quick Close Valve - OPD QCV offers a reliable and safe fuel solution for your outdoor heating needs. With its optimized propane capacity, "OPD" safety feature, Quick Close Valve, and high-quality construction, this propane tank provides a convenient and efficient source of fuel for your outdoor patio heaters. Enjoy warm and comfortable evenings on your patio, thanks to the consistent and reliable propane supply from AEI Patio Comfort. Embrace the ease of use, safety, and durability of the AEI Patio Comfort 5 Gallon Propane Tank and elevate your outdoor space into a cozy and inviting haven for all your gatherings and outdoor activities.



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